Monday, July 20, 2009

Ky Lake Trip

This weekend the Kruse bunch headed to Green Turtle Bay in Grand Rivers, Ky. The weather was the most unusual July weather I have ever experienced. The high was mid 70's all three days. On Friday night we walked around the lake and took pics, let the kids play on the playground, and just relaxed and did some board games. On Saturday, the little kids were up at 6:30 am so Daddy took them fishing and let Bran and I sleep in. Later, we tried to swim and it was just too cold so we went to the indoor pool until the sun came out. As it warmed up, I took the little kids to play on the beach while Robby and Brandon took out Uncle Todd's jet ski. They gave up very shortly and joined us at the beach. The kids had a blast building sandcastles and hunting for unusual rocks and shells. They were able to swim as the lake water was comfortable, until they came out into the wind. Saturday night we ate dinner at Miss Scarlett's and then went to Lighthouse Landing for some pictures as well as a carriage ride.
On Sunday we rented a pontoon boat and went cruising and tubing for the day. The little kids had never done this, so they were excited. We were glad Brandon enjoyed it as well, since it is often hard to entertain with such a wide age gap. Sunday night we had dinner at Patti's and then walked through the gardens, played putt putt, and enjoyed the arcade. Overall it was a great trip and nice to get away and spend some family time. I was sad that we had to cancel our beach trip, but very thankful to the Lord that everyone was healthy enough for this trip.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Korbin's Surgery July 09

I am not sure where she got the funny gas, but somehow Jillian convinced Korbin to lay still while she filled a cavity. He was not nearly so good when he went to the "real" dentist. She definitely has bright future if she decides to do this as a career.


This is little Natalie Rae at 2 weeks old. She looks just like her Daddy. Korbin calls her Matalie since he gets her confused with his other cousin Mady.

Bible School June 09

As always, the kids had a great time at VBS. This year's theme was Australia and they brought in a baby kangaroo from Ky Down Under. This is a picture of the kiddos singing one of the VBS songs on the Sunday after.

Summer Fun 09

Jillian and Korbin recently enjoyed going to Chuck E Cheese and another day at Legion Park. They had been wanting to try the water sprinklers, but when we got there, Korbin decided he does not like water in his face.