Monday, August 27, 2012

Talks with Laikyn

Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Less in the Nest

I've been putting off this post about Bran moving off to college even though it's major news in our household. I guess I'm not sure what to even say! If I say how I really feel, it will sound whiny and ungrateful. If I say the right thing, it wouldn't be real. I guess it's just that I truthfully have so many mixed emotions. I really feel like we made the right decision for him in insisting he start at the community college. As a result, he is starting at WKU with more maturity, better work ethic, and a greater sense of what he wants to do. He has shared some wisdom with me over the past year that lets me know he is in a stronger place in his walk with God as well.  I am also very happy that he wants to finish his education. I also realize that many parents don't get the opportunity to take their child to college or even see their child grow up for that matter. So for those things, I am extremely grateful. With that said, this momma just misses her kid! Taking him to the dorm last weekend, was exactly the same feeling as dropping him off for Kindergarten. It just left a pit in my stomach. Even though I know he is grown, I also remember how vulnerable I was in my early 20's and it felt like I was sending him into a den of wolves. I stayed and scrubbed the floor, straightened his bed, and rearranged his closet for as long as I could. Finally, we had to just go. We took him to eat, had a prayer with him and then drove away with me sobbing halfway to Owensboro. It feels like I just completed my family and now its incomplete again.On the bright side, he did have a great week and joined Baptist Campus Ministries which he is really excited about.  He also went to Living Hope with Uncle Kev (thankfully he lives only minutes from campus) and is looking into the possibility of playing with their praise band. He also really enjoyed all of the activities this week designed to teach him all about what WKU has to offer. He came home this weekend and is now back and ready to begin classes in the morning. Praying for a successful year and for God to watch over my boy!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Surgery Day

The ending to our post about the lake trip was surgery was required to repair a torn meniscus. I didn't sleep at all the night before as I was thinking about all the horrible things that could go wrong. Bran was calm and very worry free. I was thinking about the story of Papa Snyder going to the doctor and being told he needed an appendectomy. He asked the doctor if it was just minor surgery and the doctor replied,"Well Mr Snyder, if its someone else, it's minor. If its me being cut on, it's major. That's how I feel about now. Its all major if your child is in pain. The surgery went well and took about an hour. He was in recovery for two hours. Hes very sore, but the pain pills are helping him. If he doesn't take one as soon as possible, he is hurting bad. He will be on crutches and doing his PT for about a month. Thankful it's over and praying he heals well. The funny part of it all is that his mini me, Korbin has been walking around on little toys rifles and using them for crutches to be like his big bro. When we go out and I won't let him take his crutches, he limps along until he forgets he is crippled. LOL