Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Since our dossier was logged into China's CCCWA on January 16th, we were told that it would be approximately 8 weeks until our letter of acceptance. As our dossier worked through various depts. we would not receive any news and to consider no news to be good news. I made it to week 5 without too much fretting and then last Wed. through Fri. we got a series of emails from our agency about travel. I began to wonder if that meant they knew our LOA was coming. So then the fretting began. I had a really grumpy and emotional weekend! When I didnt receive a phone call by Monday afternoon, I resigned myself to the fact that it just wasnt time yet. So as soon as the last bus left, I settled at my desk to finish some paperwork and check email. The very first email was from CCAI and said, "Congratulations, your letter of approval has arrived!" I'm glad the students were gone because I cried like a baby! Happily Rob had just pulled into our school for a fundraiser meeting, so I was able to tell him right away. The siblings were all thrilled and couldnt stop talking about Laikyn. She has already been part of this family since August and they are so ready for her to be here. For me, the milestones have been the hardest part. When she turned 2 on the 13th, I could hardly stand it. I am so thrilled to be so close to bringing her home and loving on her. As I went to bed last night, I was scanning through Pinterest and it was so cool that an adoptive mom had posted pictures of some of our favorite memories of our last trip to China; the White Swan, Lucy's and our coming home Barbie. Amazing how those things happen at just the right time. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt God called us to this. It was only one year ago that we moved from turmoil to certainty that we were to make this step. Now this has confirmed what we already knew! She is really ours!! What's next for us? Tonight we finished our acceptance letter and Visa application. We will overnight it back tomorrow and from there it is estimated that we will travel in about ten weeks. We will wait for her Visa and then China will cable the travel approval which is an invitation to come get our baby! From there, the agency will make our consulate appointment and travel arrangements.