Monday, September 17, 2012

Ants in the pants

This year, our annual South Hancock Ants in the Pants picnic had a new guest... Little Miss Laikyn! Her first school event!! Teacher's kiddos are always at home at school, but this kid is already acting like she owns the place. The highlight for the kids this year was the games. They were really fun food related games which were such a hit that we are going to use them for our birthday parties next time. Adding some pictures one of my coworkers sent me since I of course forgot my camera!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Korbins 7 th birthday

Korbin is a huge Toby Mac fan and wanted a party all about him. We had to settle for a rock star cake and decorations. His gift was a junior electric guitar. Loved Rob's question of "didn't we just get rid of one guitarist?" Oh well, the house was just getting too quiet with only three kids! Lol! Our big boy had a great day and is still playing his guitar every chance he gets. So thankful to be the mom of such a sweet hearted and funny little man! God is good!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy tenth gotcha day

Ten years ago, God entrusted us with his most precious of miracles. I was a basket of nerves as I sat in the conference room and waited on her to be delivered. It had been almost two years since God called me to adopt. I'll never forget how it confirmed to me that I was supposed to go to China. He worked on me for several years just to get me to the point of knowing I could adopt. Then I couldn't imagine where. In the midst of many weeks of prayer, I received a website of collected blogs from families that had adopted from an orphanage in Yang ChunCity, China. Within days, after reading until my eyes couldn't stay open, I knew God had a baby for me in China. We submitted paperwork in January and later found out that exactly nine months from that day, our baby girl was born in Yang Chun City, China. It sent chills down my spine because there were thousands of cites and orphanages. There was literally zero chance that I would've ever heard of that obscure city apart from Gods hand. It was his perfect timing! It was hard to see on that day however as I sat and shook to my core! The moment her nanny walked her into the room, time froze and the world was perfect again. I instinctively knew exactly what she needed and she seemed to know me immediately!! I am so overwhelmed when I think of her beginnings and how far Yang Chun Guo had to come to be the Beautiful young lady she is today! Taking her back to adopt her little sister this year was so great for her. She soaked everything in and really felt a that part of her that I'm not sure she knew was there! She is mature, helpful and wise beyond her years!! Happy Gotcha Day Jillian Chun Elise, my Jillibug! Momma Loves you!!!
As we do each year, we let her pick a family activity and she wanted to eat at Shogun and go to the movies, so that was the day! Very thankful that big bro came home to spend the day with us!