Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This year we have had a drought that has lasted most of the summer. I really thought that there would be no color to the fall leaves this year, but they came through again! Our yard is already very bright! Since Brandon was here this morning, I rounded up all of the kids for pictures. Jillian informed me that she would do it only if I would make Brandon and Korbin take it seriously this year so we wouldn't be out there all day!! She knows her brothers too well.It is getting easier to get them all to smile at the same time, so I guess they are growing up.
So far it has been a very nice fall break. The weekend was spent on Jillian's birthday party, but this week we have worked on some projects around the house. We accomplished a lot already in working on our landscaping. Since we added onto the house this summer, we had new area to add to as well as some existing shrubs that had run their course in life. Rob tore out most of the old, planted some holly, boxwood, barberry, magnolia and mums, and of course had to do lots of watering. I did the shopping though, which we all know is the hardest part. Plus I got some good deals! Due to the drought, I think the nurseries are just trying to move their plants. The much needed rain came yesterday just as he was finishing up! :) This probably sounds like a boring way to spend a vacation, but it does make me smile that I am not looking at mounds of dirt and dead grass like I have been all summer.
On Wednesday, after the "photo shoot", Rob took J and K to Grandad's house to go fishing while I worked on my pictures, then we took the kids bike riding and relaxed around the house. Nice to just have some time to do nothing.
Saturday we met the family in Owensboro to watch Brescia play Berea and MCU. We won both games and Kelsey was very happy to beat MCU. We celebrated with some Coldstone afterward!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jillian's 9th Birthday

Time really does fly! I prayed for a baby for about 6 years before God matched me with my little angel. She is still an angel but definitely not a baby anymore. We celebrated her 9th birthday this weekend. Always my little tomboy, she has had a party based on every super hero that she knows!! This year I jokingly told her she could have a princess party or a pumpkin festival. I guess we know which one she chose. I think it may have been her favorite party yet. We decorated with pumpkins and fall leaves, played sack races, pumpkin hunt, and bobbed for apples. She loved the apple bobbing and came up with at least six before she started sticking her head under water! Her guests were her cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. The kids came dressed in costumes, which was nice since they got a little extra use out of their Halloween costumes. Love my little Jillibug and hope she has many more happy birthdays!!