Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Holiday World Trip- July 24, 2012

Today as our family took another trip to Holiday World,I spent a lot of time thinking about how all of these firsts must seem pretty scary to Laikyn Hope. Considering she has only been with us for two months now, we have exposed her to more in that time than probably all of her infancy in China. Afterall, orphanages are very structured and routine, so she is very unaccustomed to how we live life here in the US. She has amazed me in how shes accepted new things with a fearlessness that Only is matched by her older sister. As we first arrived at the park, we took her on the carousel and she started to cry until I told her mommy would stay. As it started, I began to yell, "yay Laikyn" and soon she was riding happily. Next daddy put her in another kiddy ride alone and with a little cheering from the audience she did well on that one too. After a few rides we spent most of the rest of the day at the water park which was more her speed since she likes water anyway. After lots of fun in the wave pool, water slides and lazy river, it began to thunder and we had to go take shelter for a while. Even that didn't scare her. She looked startled for a minute, but a reassuring laugh from momma made it all better. I wish I were more like my daughters in that way. When my Father sends me into a new and frightening situation, do I panic and run away? Or do I look for his assurance and rest in it? I guess I've been known to do both, but as I experience more of life in walking with Him, I'm learning more how to do the latter! A big step for a worry wart like me. I wonder if that was part of His plan as He drew me to my girls. The beauty of his plans are usually in their intricacy. Sure, on the surface it seems that kids got homes and I got to be a mom. But I think the fact that he gave the two most brave girls on the planet to the most neurotic and worry wart momma has to be either part of his sense of humor or meant to teach me something! Either way, As I'm teaching them about God, they're definitely teaching me more!

Lake trip - July 13- 15,2012

Our regular week long vacation had to be skipped this year since Rob used all of his vacation for China. We opted to take a weekend trip to Green Turtle Bay(Lake Barkley ) in Grand Rivers. We had a great time and it felt so special as it is Laikyns first family vacation as well as our last trip together before Brandon moves to Bowling Green for school.
This is the first weekend for a real rain threat, but we decided that would be much better than the horrid heat that we had been having. On Friday, we arrived about 3:30 and checked in. We were in condo 105 this year and it was very cute and decorated in red, white and blue. The guys decided to take the jet ski out while the kids and I swam in the outdoor pool, which was about three steps from our door. They have always loved the pool here because of the slide. After we swam, we grabbed some supper and walked around lighthouse landing to take pictures. We ended the night with a game of Apples to Apples before bed.

Saturday morning we had reserved a ski boat and were able to use it from 9-12 before the rain came. We had a lot of fun tubing and swimming off the side of the boat. Laikyn even liked it although she was a little scared of the tube, she was a very good sport. Even though we were rained out early, we were able to get a rain check to come back another day. We headed back to the room for sandwiches and Laikyns nap. Saturday night we met Mark, Jessica and kiddos for supper at Miss Scarlett's since we couldn't get a decent hour at Pattys. The kids had fun playing together. Later, we walked around Pattys and played a few games over there.

Sunday morning we packed early and headed to Princeton to visit Marks new church. It was very nice and they even had special prayer for a family heading to China for a child they've waited six years for. Cool that we were there for that, but I'm sure not a coincidence!We had lunch with the Williams crew,toured their new house and headed back home around one. Great times! We did have one major catastrophe though. Brandon hit his knee while boating and it was still hurting Sunday so we stopped at Immediate Care coming home. It wasn't broken but they feel it could be torn so he needs an MRI. Will have to stay tuned for this, but praying it's just a sprain...

Happy July 4th!!

How cool that on the eve of our country's birthday, our newest immigrant received her citizenship certificate!! I am ever aware that adoption always comes from a place of loss of birth family, culture, language and customs, but I believe it was Gods plan that Laikyn be in this great country with so many freedoms she would have never known in China. I have been thinking a lot about China and how I saw it from the eyes of a visiting American. The most treasured things in my life of God and family are not even a choice in China. I cannot imagine not having the freedom to worship. There are many Christians there, that must worship in underground churches with the threat of arrest always looming over. I also treasure my children and can't imagine being forced to limit my family to one child. One local girl in a China shop found out that we have four and said she has one son and it makes her very sad that the government tells her she can't have any more. Some places in China still force abortions, sterilizations, and others types of coercion to keep the populations rules followed. People that find themselves with illegal children face unaffordable fines, job and home loss(since the government owns most property). My daughters may have been the victims of government control over personal lives in China, but now they are Americans. I pray that as Americans we always value Our freedoms and realize with those freedoms comes responsibility! Our family began our celebration on Saturday with the fireworks at Vastwood Park. Though attendance was down due to record heat and drought, it was a good show. Laikyn was a little shocked and awed even with her earplugs, but she seemed to not be scared as long as she was in Mommas lap. Today L and I went to the pool while the big kids were at VBS and then we all had some of Daddy's grilled burgers for lunch. Didn't get to spend the day with bran as he went to a memorial for his friend Michael that died in a car accident this weekend. Tough time for him! This afternoon we hung out at dads a while and then came home to get ready for Bowling Green in the morning. While I was packing, J and K washed my van and did a great job!! Their reward was playing in the sprinklers for a while! Nice relaxing end to the fourth of July! Next year, I hope we are more settled with our girl and can go back to our annual big cookout with family!!