Sunday, January 27, 2013

Laikyns MRI

I haven't updated in a while on Laikyn Hope's progress. On January 15th, she had her MRI at Kosair. The reason behind this is that when she had her seizures at fifteen months, the hospital in China had done a CT scan and EEG. The CT scan showed slight enlargement of some part that I can't even pronounce. Our dr. Said it was still within normal range and no cause for concern. The neurologist felt we should do an MRI since there was some question about it. They weren't even sure a pediatric dr had read it, so there may not have even been anything irregular. We went up the night before and spent the night since she had to check in at 7:30. She was able to go right back and the nurse brought a sedative for me to give her orally. Within ten minutes she was very loopy but calm. They were able to insert her iV while I was talking to her. She didn't even notice. Soon, they took her for her procedure telling us she would be completely asleep shortly. About an hour later, they brought her back and left her asleep for almost another hour. I was able to just sit and watch her and thank God for her. When she woke up, she was confused and groggy but calm. They brought her a slushy which she wanted to eat by herself. Soon it was time to go and since the slushy was all melted, I took it from her. She proceeded to kick and scream for the next hour. They told us she would be irritable , but this was way beyond her normal tantrums.We went back to the hotel and tried to calm her, but as soon as we would, something else would just set her off again. Long day. She did sleep coming home from Louisville and woke in a little better mood. By the next day, she was back to normal. Two days later, the office called to let us know that her MRI was normal. No sign of any enlargement. Thanking God for the good results and the fact that I got to be there with her for this procedure. I always think about her being alone when she was little for her heart surgery and later seizures. So glad that we will face the future as a team! Next step is an EEG this summer. If that is normal, she will be able to come off of her medication.

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