Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jillian's Big Day

8 years ago as I walked my sleepy daughter through the hallways of a hotel in Guangzhou, China, I prayed. She was exhausted and scared in her new setting, but not as scared as I was. I prayed she would sleep. I prayed that she would love me as much as I loved her. I prayed that we could give her everything she needed. Most of all I prayed that she would know Christ. The hours flew by and my precious baby finally slept that first night. Now the years have flown by and after many more prayers, she finally knows Christ as her Savior. On Wednesday night after hearing the salvation message again, she went to her Daddy with a stomach ache. He knew she was troubled and after some questioning, she told him she wanted to be saved. This morning she made a public profession at church. I am so proud of her and thankful to be her mother and her sister in Christ! I was reminded of a lullaby I sang to her when I rocked her.... "I pray that you will grow up to be wise and good and true. I pray the Lord will bless you in all that you will do. I pray that you will hear His voice and learn to sing His song. I pray that you will follow Him your whole life long.