Friday, April 27, 2012


We have our flights scheduled! May 16 - Leave Nashville at 8:48am and arrive in DC at 11:40. Pray for no delays because we leave for Beijing at 12:20. Should arrive around 15 or 16 hours later totally unaware of the date or time!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Although we still have to buy our tickets to China, we have our itinerary. We will fly out on May 16 and need to be inn Beijing in the 17th. We will spend a couple of days touring (Rob can't wait to see the temples again!LOL) and then fly to Zhengzhou( Henan capital) where we will meet Laikyn either the day we arrive or the next. We will spend several days there and then fly to Guangzhou where we will have our swearing in at the US consulate on the 31st and Laikyn Hope's visa appointment and medical checkup on the 1st. We will fly out on June 2nd. Today we have to work on getting our tickets to China. the agency is taking care of all of ur in China flights and hotels. Wow, ending school, testing, internatioanl trip, and adoption. Have to take one moment at a time or I will seriously freak out!! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

TRavel Approval

It finally came! We were notified of our travel approval this afternoon, more than a week before we expected! Our agency is now in the process of setting up our consulate appointments. Depending on what is available there, we will leave between May 9 and May 16! My head is spinning with things to do! So hard to believe that a year has passed since we felt that little tug of our hearts to adopt again. It has been 4months since our last update, so I am dying to know how she is. Praying for calmness of spirit and strength. Most of all praying for Laikyn Hope's well being and health!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Article 5

Today we got another update! Our Article 5 was delivered to Beijing. This is all they need to issue our travel approval! We were told 2-4 weeks and then we will fly 10-21days after that. I am expecting about two weeks on each based on what I am reading from timelines of other families. That would be around May 14th, which is the day after Mothers Day, so I am hoping for a little bit faster. I would so love to spend Mothers Day with my new daughter!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Laikyns Play Space

This week, we took a plain corner of our family room and turned it into a play space for Laikyn.Since she is having to share Jillian's room for now, we wanted her to have another space that was created for her. We set up shelving with baskets, laid a little town play carpet, bought a trunk for play clothes and made an art table from a cheap coffee table by adding a dowel rod with a paper roll. I also painted a chalkboard on the wall and stenciled and added some silhouette kids at play type murals. I hope this will make her feel at home when she arrives! We had a lot of fun doing it and I really appreciate her daddy taking a personal day to help out everything together! I spent a lot of hours on Pinterest and Houzz getting ideas and threw a lot of different ideas together! I can just see her playing here for many years to come!


Jillian and I are celebrating the Kentucky Wildcats beating Kansas to win the national
championship! Our house is a house divided as the girls are UK, Rob and Korbin are UL and Bran is Alabama. We have decided Laikyn must be a Wildcat and are already buying her UK duds! She will soon not only have citizenship in a new country but a championship state as well! KY sent four teams to the NCAA this year and two made it to the final four!!