Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The Kruse family had a really good time this Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we opened our gifts to each other. Brandon really liked his tv for his bedroom, so that he can play his xbox 360 without interruption from the little guys. J and K each received a Zhu Zhu hamster. Korbin got a Handy Manny workshop with tools as well as some clothes, pj's, and a Boz book and movie. Jilli got a Snuggie, Guitar Hero for her DS, a necklace, Devotion book, and several board games. I spent most of the day cooking for Christmas and the kids had a ball helping me make Aunt Nina's fudge. That always brings back some great memories from my childhood. We had our favorite beef curry for supper.
On Christmas day, we went to Whitehouse to have Christmas with my family. We had so much fun. We just don't see each other often enough. Gay and Steve just recently moved in their new house, so we were happy to finally get to see it. We also have had 2 new nieces born this year (Natalie in June and Lydia this month), so it was great to see them as well. The adults played the Newlywed Game and had a Secret Santa gift exchange. It was hilarious! The kids just ran and played nonstop and enjoyed seeing all of the cousins. They really love each other! We had some delicious food with everyone bringing their traditional dishes. Gay did the ham and turkey this year so that Dad wouldn't have to and did a great job. We missed Dad's yummy cooking but were just glad he could be there.
Saturday we went to Louisville since Todd just had back surgery and couldn't travel. Granny came through with her junk boxes again this year. I can't believe how the kids LOVE those. The one year that Rob talked her out of doing them, I thought they would all cry. Even Brandon and Candace love them. I would bet it is a tradition they continue with their children!!
I can hardly believe another Christmas has come and gone. We are enjoying some much needed rest this week before we go back to school next week. We started the book of Genesis to fulfill one of our New Year's resolutions of reading the Bible through this year. We have made some great progress so far. I hope we make it!
Reflecting on this year, there is so much to be thankful for. This time last year, we were enduring a very difficult time, so I am thankful for Christ's love and mercy. I am also so thankful for family. Those here and those that have gone on. Each one has a special place in my heart. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!