Tuesday, January 21, 2014

News from October - December, 2013

Catching up on several events from the end of the year since Ive been a lazy blogger...

October - We celebrated Jillian's 12th Birthday a week early this year. She had a China themed party with a big dragon hanging from the ceiling. We had cute little Chinese takeout gift bags with chopsticks, a bracelet, a fan, and  fortune cookies. Her cake was an edible image of her when she was a baby wearing a traditional Chinese dress. After the party, she had a sleepover with her two best friends, Hannah and Autumn! She and Laikyn wore the Made in China shirts we bought in Guangzhou. The best part was the fun we had planning it together. 

On Jillian's actual birthday, I was in the hospital recovering from surgery the previous day. Of course she came and spent the day in Louisville. Dad took her to Panda Express and to buy The latest Rick Riordan book. 

Halloween 2013- We skipped Vastwood this year, due to cold and Mommas lack of ability to walk very far. J and K reused their costumes from Korbins Duck DYnasty party and went as Willie and Uncle Si. Laikyn went as a pretty witch. We hit the church, fire station and Kelly Heights. Then came home and snacked on Aunt Gert's famous popcorn balls while watching movies. Also sharing some pictures from the beautiful fall colors in our year this year. 

Thanksgiving 2013- On Thanksgiving Day, we had a lasagne dinner and went to our traditional family movie. Although we usually go together, we split up this year. The olders went to Catching Fire with me and Daddy took the littles to Free Birds. We hosted my family at our home this year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and had a great time. Aunt Gay volunteered to do most of the cooking to help me out and everyone brought their usuals. I did the turkey and dressing. We had a great day of fellowship as the kids played and roared throughout the house. Granny Kruse hosted Daddy's family at her apartment on the Saturday before. It was another wonderful day. 
Above is pictured the 5 generation picture we took. Dad, Sis, Lisa, Kourt, Livi

Christmas- We started Christmas with a magical ride on the Polar Express at French Lick. Cousin Kyle went with us. Great time. Loved the singing and dancing in the aisles and the cookies and hot chocolate with the elves. Another evening, we took Grandad to see the light at Lake Rudolph in Santa Claus. He had never been and was very impressed. Christmas Eve was our family gift exchange and Christmas Day was spent watching old home movies and Christmas movies. The Saturday before, we had our Snyder Christmas at Dana's. The Saturday after was our Kruse Christmas at our house. We were all tired of turkey and ham by that time so we did soup and sandwiches. it seemed like Christmas lasted forever this year and we loved every minute. 

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