Sunday, May 25, 2014

Laikyns 2nd Gotcha Day - May, 2014

Laikyn's 2nd Gotcha Day was a little less elaborate than last year with her trips to Chuck E Cheese and Build A Bear. Ive always let Jillian choose an activity she wants to do each year. With Laikyn still being little, I gave her 2 choices, either a movie or picnic and trampoline jumping. She wanted a picnic.It rained today so we may have to do the real picnic tomorrow, but we decided just in case it rains tomorrow too, we would have an indoor picnic. I think it was still a real treat for her since she usually gets in trouble for leaving the table. Im imagining some confusion when she wants to eat on a blanket again tomorrow. Before opening her gift she insisted on singing Happy Birthday to herself. She's a little mixed up on the special days.  She then blew out her imaginary candle and opened her gift of a Doc McStuffins remote car, a sticker book and a new cup, which she called a bottle. As she is playing happily with her new car, Im looking back at videos of last year and seeing how far she has come. Her speech is still behind her peers, but she is still making steady gains. We couldn't believe it when she went to the doctor last week and she had grown three inches. Im so proud of her and filled with joy every day when she wants to snuggle with me and tells me she loves me. So thankful for the day we Gotcha! 

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