Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Over spring break I amazingly took all the kids clothes shopping by myself and survived. The things I used to do presurgery, are not as easy anymore. I did actually make good time and found all Easter outfits. On the down side, Korbin cut his leg messing with a mannequin and lost a toy. Laikyn ran off multiple times. The dressing room scenario cannot even be repeated, but we survived. We celebrated with a trip to Smothers Park where I could sit and breathe while they ran wild, which they had actually already done at the mall. 

We also took our first trip to French Lick to the Big Splash water park. The kids absolutely loved it! I was able to sit and read a while they swam with Dad, so I loved it too. 

My highlight of the week was a surprise overnight trip to Louisville from Rob where we attended the Son of God tour. We had backstage passes so I was able to meet some of my favorite artists!! Awesome night away! 

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